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[QUOTE=Kathy Sue]Cancer Dad did you have any symptoms before they found your cancer? Someone told me that they think you were having on and off bleeding for a few years. Is this true? Would it come out when you went to the bathroom and it was a one time thing intil the next time which could be a while? I hope I'm not asking to many personal questions. My brother in law past away with colon cancer about three years ago. He had on and off rectal bleeding for two years before he went to the doctors. He had 26 spots on his liver. The cancer on his liver is what took his life. It was all over it. I went to the doctor with him and I saw the xray and it was two years to the day that he past away. He die on my birthday and I know it is hard on my husband. I know he was suffering and I'm glad he is at peace. I wish you all the best on fighting this battle. I will always pray for you. God Bless You!!!!!!!!!!!:angel:[/QUOTE]
I don't know who "someone" is, but yes--I began bleeding rectally 3 years prior to my diagnosis when I would have a bowel movement. My Internist kept telling me that it was hemorrhoids, stress, and Advil. I bled off and on-- a few times a week or so, and then it would go away for a few weeks or so only to return. The bleeding would show bright red and be on the toilet paper, occasionally wrapped around the stool and later dripping into the toilet. In time the pattern changed to more frequent, more bleeding, often mixing with clots. In addition, I had a bloated feeling and increased number of bowel movements. Looking back now, I was also fatigued. Anyways, I reached a point where the bleeding was worse, and something just felt wrong. So, I made an appointment with a GI, who did a rectal and colonoscopy. Apparently, my Internal Medicine doctor could not feel a tumor 2-3 cm up my anus in my rectum. So, I was ultimately diagnosed with advanced stage rectal cancer.

I hope this helps. I'm VERY sorry about your brother-in-law.:angel:

Warm Regards,

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