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Re: Blood in stool?
Sep 24, 2006
Welcome. Though I am sorry about the circumstances. Congratulations for scheduling a colonoscopy. This is the ONLY WAY to determine what is causing the bleeding, and REALLY is a very simple procedure. The hardest part is the prep. Use plenty of diaper ointment, try to eat lightly for a day or two before beginning prep, and make sure to replace fluids lost with plenty of water or electrolyte solution,,, pedialyte, a sports drink, etc.

The procedure itself should be painless... if you do experience ANY discomfort, make certain to speak up and tell them so they can give you more medication.

There are MANY reasons for blood in your stool... a fissure of tear someone around your rectum or anus. Other causes could be polyps, which will be removed during the colonoscopy. The MAIN reason for checking is to make sure it's not something more serious such as colorectal cancer. Even pre-cancerous polyps can be removed without further problems, besides perhaps more frequent follow-up colonoscopies.

Again, I'm glad you brought your concerns to us here at the Board. Please don't hesitate to ask ANY questions, and PLEASE come back and let us know your results after your procedure.:)

Best of luck!

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