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To recap I had stage 1 colon cancer 5 years ago resulting in a resection and there was no lymph node involvment, then 14 months ago I had another stage 2 cancer at the join of my previous resection and it was off to hospital for another operation. Again there was no spread or lymph node involvement. I was offered Chemo the second time but only because it was the second time I've had this cancer, otherwise they would not normally have offered it because it was stage 2. I didn't know what to do and after discussion with my own doctor I decided not to have the chemo as he felt it would cause more problems than it would help.

Recently I have been finding spottings of bright red blood on the tissue. This doesn't happen all the time, just occasionally, but yesterday there was quite a bit of blood on the tissue and some in the toilet bowl. I'm due a colonoscopy on 30th October - which will be the first since my last op - and I'm convinced I've got cancer again but I'm praying it's not.

I know nobody can tell me whether it will be cancer again, but what I did wonder is if anyone has experienced bleeding like this and found it was not cancer?. I do sometimes know when when there is going to be blood on the tissue as I feel a scratching sensation during a bowel movement, but other times I feel nothing. I often have to really strain to go to the toilet even though I have a desperate need to go. It's almost like the stitching is too tight but once I have strained to get started I can go fairly normally. Sorry to be so graphic but I'm just so cheesed off with it all.I can't believe this is all happening again as each time I have caught it early but it keeps coming back.


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