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I am sorry that I confused the posts...I did not realize it is you that has colon cancer... You are so young...I am so sorry that you have to go through this. I'm sure it is scary, but know that with treatment you should do well, especially at your age.

Do you know what the name of your chemo is? I would imagine it is FOLFOX. You can expect to feel fatigued, nauseas and maybe have some bowel trouble. If you are on oxaliplatin you will not be able to eat or touch cold things...also if you are on FOLFOX you will most likely NOT loose your hair. Did you already have surgery?

Please be sure to talk to your oncology nurse if you have any questions or troubles. There are medications that can help alleviate many side effects you are feeling. Be sure to get your nurse's number in case you are having trouble at home.

If anything comes up, please feel free to post your questions and concerns here. There are a lot of people here to give you support. Do you have some good support within your family?

Please let us know how you are doing! I am sorry you have to go through this, but know that we will help support you through this time...

Take care,
Ii can tell you that side effects vary with every individual. You will probably be fatigued somewhat nauseated. The best thing to do is read up on the meds you are getting and see what side effects they have. Then discuss those with your doctor.

May I ask how you happened to be diagnosed so young?
[QUOTE=b_a_p_e]i was having lower abdominal pain for a year n a half..and during this time doctors didnt think that it would be cancer because of my age and i also have a pelvic right kidney..they finally knew it was something sereous when i started blacking out this summer....and thats when they did a colonoscopy...1 day later told me it was cancer and did a surgery an hr after that[/QUOTE]

What is the histology of your tumor, in terms of differentiation? Also, what is your EXACT staging... was there any nodal involvement? Lastly, I'm curious, being so young, what chemotherapeutic agents are they SPECIFICALLY using to help you to fight this horrific disease?

I am an advance stage rectal cancer survivor, who was treated "aggressively" because of my age. I'm curious as to your diagnosis, and specifics of treatment.

I wish you the BEST of luck, and I look forward to hearing from you.:)


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