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. Just got back from having a flexible Sigmoid by the surgeon who will do my bowel resection for a cancerous polyp (it is very flat) on Friday, he likes to do his own scope and also tatoos the area. When the GI did the colonoscopy she thought the site was 20 cm from the rectum, he says it is more like 10 cm. This creates a bit of a challenge for him. If it was lower one type of procedure is clear, if it was higher another is clear. If he takes too much toward the rectum a danger of incontinence or problems with urgency occur. If he doesn't take enough and the pathology is invasive then that creates problems. Right now it looks non invasive insitue but they of course can't be 100% sure by looks. He says he is part of a study group of surgeons and the head one specializes in what is going on with me and he is going to confer with him and I am to call tomorrow to find out what the score is.

I was wondering if anyone else has had this situation and how it was handled.


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