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I posted an EXTREMELY LONG post and something happened and it did not post. In my post I basically said that IF I were told that I had a "pre-cancerous polyp," then there is NO WAY that I would be having surgery without first having a PET scan to determine whether there is any spread, and a TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultra Sound) to determine the depth of the lesion in the wall of the rectum, not to mention CT scans to look for lymph nodes, and a CEA bloodtest.

There are two procedures that can be done... the least invasive being a TAE or TRE (Trans Anal Excision or Trans Rectal Excision). In this technique, the colorectal surgeon operates THROUGH your anus to remove the tumor with a one inch circumferential margin, and then stitch up the rectum... that's it! It is for Stage 1 and 2 colorectal patients if you have radiation in stage 2. You have been told, however, that you have a "pre-cancerous polyp," NOT a colorectal cancer. Make sure to choose a colorectal surgeon who does this procedure... otherwise most like to cut you open unnecessarily. Most colorectal surgeons are also not aware of the new data that shows NO difference statistically for a stage 1 who has a TAE vs. traditional abdominal. Even Stage 2 works out to be comparable to the very invasive abdominal incision method, because radiation is given which puts you at the exact survival rates as the more invasive technique.

A crude analogy would be to remove your rectum and give you a permanent colostomy because you have a pimple on your buttocks. I don't mean to sound harsh, but, a surgeon who is TRULY CONCERNED ABOUT YOU will NOT operate on you, giving you a MAJOR ABDOMINAL PROCEDURE cutting into your belly, without first staging the "cancer" if it is, or if it is just a "pre-cancerous polyp-- VERY DIFFERENT. You NEED TO BE STAGED, YOU NEED TO HAVE A PET SCAN TO MAKE CERTAIN YOU DO NOT HAVE SPREAD OR METS. You also MUST HAVE A TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultrasound) which lets the surgeon know what layers of the wall of the colon the "cancer" (if that's what it is) has invaded to aid in Staging. The error in placement of the "polyp" is a HUGE mistake. MOST people with rectal cancer have chemoradiation first to shrink the tumor and give the surgeon more room to work, and also to kill any stray cancer cells which could be disturbed and re-root elsewhere.

YOU MUST HAVE A PET SCAN to determine the extent of any spread or mets prior to ANY surgery, and a TRUS (Trans Rectal Ultrasound) which determines the depth of the lesion/polyp. In addition, a colorectal surgeon would probably want a CT of your pelvis and abdomen and chest to see if there are any inflamed lymphnodes indicating possible spread to the lymph system. Any Surgeon who will operate on you without having this data available is NOT CONCERNED about your well-being. You literally could be having major surgery that is COMPLETELY unnecessary, or that COULD be done a non-invasive way.

I mentioned two procedures... the second is VERY INVASIVE... involves a full belly incision from your navel or just above, through or around and down to an inch into your pubis...about 1 inch into your pubic hair. Then, it is VERY possible that you may end up with a permanent colostomy, which if you NEED, is not that bad. I have one, but I had ADVANCED COLORECTAL CANCER. You have a PRE-CANCEROUS POLYP.

Personally, there is NO WAY I would proceed with the surgery, and I am appalled that they scheduled it in the first place without having all the necessary data.. First of all you need the following pre-surgical in addition to atleast 2 consults with colorectal surgeons who perform the TAE or TRE procedure... run a search, you will find someone. You also need a TRUS... the colorectal surgeon can do this for you, a PET SCAN to determine possible mets, a CT scan of your pelvis and abdomen and chest will show whether you have inflamed lymphnodes which will all help with staging.

Truly, the reason why you are probably so nervous is because deep down you KNOW that they should not be coming NEAR YOU WITH A SCAPEL until you have gotten this other testing and had the opportunity to make an INFORMED DECISION. BY the way, MOST colorectal cancers are slow gtowing enough that you are causing NO additional harm by waiting until you have had the tests, been properly staged and informed of your options. Most people hear the "C" word and get frightened (rightly so), but you need to know the histology of your "cancer" among other things... staging, other approaches, etc

Remember, the choice is YOURS, and we are all here for you no matter what your decision to support, lend our experience, knowledge, etc.

Best of luck, and please keep us posted.:)

CancerDad :angel:

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