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Hi Trish:

I didn't see your comment to me before I posted my last comment.

My symptoms are basically, I started feeling some vague lower-left pain around mid-late August, nothing major, more just a little nagging/annoying. Looking back, I've also had bowel changes for a few months prior: much softer, more frequent BMs (I thought that was a GOOD thing because over my life generally i've had less frequent/harder BMs--isn't it funny how colon problems makes us suddenly talk about the grossest things?)

Anyway, I made an appt with my gyn around the beginning of sept., because I thought for sure it was a gyn problem (ovarian). The appt was for Oct. 2. Then, on sept 29, i woke up and the pain was much worse. To make a long story short, I decided to go to the ER (I thought maybe it was a ruptured ovarian cyst).

The ER essentially didn't find anything--they saw a couple minor ovarian cysts on ultrasound but nothing in the location or size to cause my symptoms. I went to my gyn exam as scheduled (the pain had gone back down to its pre-ER level) and all she did was prescribe me birth control pills.

The pain didn't go away so I made another appt with my gyn for 10 days later. The day before my appt, for the first time i noticed blood on my stool--not a lot, just a small streak. But enough to almost give me a heart attack. The gyn just kind of shrugged when i told her and I said, maybe this is a GI problem? She said, yeah maybe and asked if i wanted a reference (as you can see, she was not a really big help. I had to suggest to HER that maybe I should see a GI dr).

So I have a GI appt for Monday (5 days). Today again I saw a bit of blood on my stool. I've also had a big problem with "gas" pains in my upper abdomen--more like sharp stabbing pains as opposed to the dull ache in the lower-left area. Today these "gas" pains also ran down my left side--right where my colon is, I guess.

Now of course I'm racking my brain to think of every GI problem I've had lately--have there been other strange symptoms? The main thing I can think of is 2 yaers ago I went to the ER with intense, stabbing pain in my upper abdomen--seemed like a gall bladder type thing but they didn't find anything. The pain went away and I never pursued it (my internist reviewed the report and said it was probably just a temporary spasm) but now I'm kicking myself for not seeing a GI dr. at that time.

So that's my story!! I'd LOVE to hear more about you and your symptoms--and how your tests go.

This is causing me so much stress--I can't sleep, it's horrible. I want all the tests but I'm just terrified of having the dr. come up after and say, it's cancer. I don't know how I can take it if that's what it is. I'm hoping and praying it's ANYTHING else.

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