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Re: Large polyp
Oct 14, 2006
Hello Cancer Dad, The Bariatric Surgeon I have selected is Dr. Hares in Michigan. I've researched BPD/DS for 5 months and decided it is the procedure for me, my surgeon feels this must definately wait til polyp issue is resolved. I'm not confering with him now about this, he wants it taken care of here & advised me to U of C along doctor here who did my Colonoscopy. He IS very much interested in my outcome but he isn't involved in my treatment for it as he consulted with 2 colorectal surgeons there who both felt it should only be taken care of here. In 1990 I had an Adjustable gastric banding surgery, did very well with it for 5 years until the band broke during a bout of vomiting from flu. Since then I've regained like so many morbidly obese patients do. I never thought of any more WLSweight until this year having had several heart tests run because I was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and wanted peace of mind of knowing my heart was ok. All tests were fine but I broke down in front of my cardiologist about my not being able to lose and maintain & and my struggle with watching my dad suffer from Alzhemiers. He suggested I look into BPD/DS. I had never heard of it but was miserable enough with myself to look into it. Slowly but surely over literally hundreds of hours, at least 5 hours a day for past 5 months of research I decided it was the surgery for me. Yes, it is more complex, yes fewer surgeons are capable of doing it, yes it requires much more skill. From all of my research I feel statistics for it for overall weight loss AND maintenance are better than RNY. Also from the forums I participate in, I feel the quality of life is much better with BPD/DS than with RNY. I understand I will have to be extremely vigilant about taking vitamins and supplements for the rest of my life and continually monitor blood levels. I am vigilant about taking all my medications and know that I can comply with vitamin regimen as since I first started my research I have been taking them also, several a day along with my medicines. For me, I feel this way, I regained with gastric banding after having maintained for 5years my loss of 80 pounds, I regained after band broke and from what I have read the failure rate of the band is around 30 to 40 percent. Everyone of the people I knew in my support group years ago with the band have regained more than they originally weighed. A revision to DS will have to be done as an open surgery also, and even tho it would be nice to be able to have it done laparoscopically there is something to be said for my surgeon to be able to get in there and see all of my abdomen so even tho I know recovery will be longer I am comfortable with that because I know a revision is a more difficult surgery, altho there is no sign of any damage done by erosion of the band or anything according to the endoscope I had done.

Sorry to be so long winded on this, I'M very excited about the BPD/DS, I have always had a weight problem, My BMI is 41, the BPD/DS used to be done on more heavy weights than myself, but from my research it is being done now also on the lighter BMI's due to its success with more % of weight loss, less regain statistics AND less post op complications. I know many people who have had RNY and are still substantially overweight or regaining. I figure if I am putting my body thru major surgery I want what has the best statistics, the best possibility for me to keep weight off. Also I'm not comfortable with having pyloric valve bypassed with RNY and don't like the idea of having a blind stomach and possibility of stoma obstruction from a man made opening and possibility of ulcers in blind stomach. If RNY were my only option, personally I would NOT have it, I know some folks are doing fine with it but I have read too many who aren't, too many in my opinion are going back for obstructions, or strictures or regaining, or always dumping, I'm just not comfortable with the problems so many seem to be having with it. I know several RNYers who didn't even know they should be taking vitamins! And I've heard over and over again from so many who are so happy with their decision to have BPD/DS about the overrating of bathroom issues with BPD/DS. I feel BPD/DS patients are the most happiest with surgery and quality of their lives. I've traveled to meet people who have had it, one was just revised from RNY to BPD/DS and she looked amazing, she had her revision in San Fran 6 weeks ago, Dr. Husted, and I mean she looked amazing even with an open incision she was healing wonderfully and up and all over the place. I know losing weight requires a lifestyle change, WLS is NOT the easy way out not by a long shot,traveling, 10 day hotel stay to recover before I come home, will all COST me, lost time at work, etc. I also know everyone has to make their own choice. I feel I will be the one who has to live with it, I want what has been proven to be the best possible procedure.
I feel most surgeons do not WANT to take the time to learn the DS because it does take much longer to learn, the RNY can be learned in a 4 hour seminar the DS requires much more skill and time to learn and much more experience. Surgeons who cannot do the DS of course will knock DS, they will sell what they can perform, nevermind there might be a road less traveled that just may be a better option. There was a news report on Channel 2 with MaryAnn Childers about 3 week ago about BPD/DS being proven to be more successful than RNY. Even so, I don't like to take anyone's word for it without doing my own research and so, I have, it's been my mission to become as educated as I can about it and not take it lightly. I search for the good AND the bad, I search DEEP for the bad, I WANT to know what COULD happen. I HAVE read s horror stories about it, but actually very few. I know if vitamin levels are not monitored FOR LIFE, results of this surgery can be devastating. Those who will not comply have NO business even considering the DS and in my opinion the RNY neither.

I have always done remarkably well with any surgery I've had, I know this one could go wrong. I'm going to take the chance that I will be successful with DS as so many are. One thing I've noticed repeatedly is that I've not read one story of someone being revised from a failed BPD/DS to lap band or RNY but have read countless stories of folks being or wanting to be revised from a failed RNY or lapband to BPD/DS. If I'm going to be cut wide open I want the best, if I fail and don't maintain at least I'll know I tried to regain my health with the best procedure out there and failed again. I'll not put myself thru another WLS if this one fails or if I fail it. I've thought long and hard over this and am at peace. This is partly why this polyp issue is so upsetting. I was packed, all ready for my trip to Michigan and all set to be off work and now this. But I must keep my faith and be strong and get thru this. Should something go wrong with this polyp issue and affect my health I will not go thru with BPD/DS on top of any complications that can't be resolved with this polyp. Right now polyp issue is priority. I want to go into BPD/DS in the best health possible so this must be resolved first. If I am advised at U of C NOT to have BPD/DS because of something with my colon I WILL take that advise & NOT have it. I truly hope I have helped answer your questions or curiosity about my selection of weight loss surgery. I truly feel sorry for those who jump into WLS and don't research their options. Many put more research into buying a new car than they do WLS they choose yet they will have to live with effects of that surgery for rest of their lives.
The surgeon I've selected has done over 500 procedures, comes very highly recommended by several people I've met and was trained by Dr. Hess in Ohio who revised BPD/DS to help eliminate some problems with it years ago. To tell the truth I had such a hard time finding his office (I drove there alone)...when I finally got there I sat in my car weeping I was so stressed from trying to find it on time....I sat there thinking I WANT this surgery but I'm so stressed, it's too much of a drive, I can't have it here, BUT since I'm here I'll go in & talk to him. Well, I went in, was overwhelmed at the caring attitude of EVERYONE, patients waiting, ALL the sharing of experiences. ALL were sooo very happy regardless if they had a complication or not, all said they would do it all over in a heartbeat, their quality of life had changed so much. I was filling out paperwork but couldn't concentrate as they were all so willingly sharing their stories. Then I was called in to talk to the surgeon and his nurse. Dr.Hares and Jackie, well...I was immediately extremely impressed with the time they took with me, their concern, their willingness to take their time answering any questions I had. Right then and there I realized I made it there I could make it again for surgery, I was where I needed to be. From then on they have been there every step of the way in figuring out this whole polyp ordeal. They are praying for me and staying in touch with me every week until this is resolved. I feel I am in wonderful hands and I respect Dr. Hares even more for consulting with 2 Colorectal Surgeons there and not just taking the word of a specialist here that I saw telling me to just have them take out the polyp as if it would be no problem at all. Sorry I've gone on and on, I hope I don't get kicked off this board for writing off topic. Thank you for your help I look forward to hearing more from you!

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