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Ok Trish, I won't say you're worrying for nothing, because I honestly don't know that, but I [I]will[/I] say that your symptoms sound an a-w-f-u-l lot like your diverticulosis, right down to the area of pain, and that would definitely cause bleeding, fatigue (from the bleeding), fullness, the whole works. You say you had a colonoscopy 4 years ago. Do you know what your chances are of having something occur in that amount of time? Most times when someone has cancer that is causing obvious symptoms, they've had it for quite awhile, meaning someone who doesn't get checked on a regular basis (this is excluding people who got it at a younger age and weren't in the age bracket to be screened). You would have to have a polyp take the time to grow, then it takes time for it to actually turn into cancer, then it takes even more time for it to get to a size where it will cause symptoms. Yes, there are agressive types, such as what Farrah has, but she also didn't get checked. Peggy Lipton had hers for several years before it started causing her problems.
Now I'm not going to say you're fine, but I'm also not going to say you're not, either. What I [I]am[/I] saying is, the chances of you having something within a 4 year period are pretty low. I just have a real hard time thinking, OK, here's a lady who obviously takes care of herself, has a colonoscopy like she should, and 4 years later is stricken with cancer? I myself am doubtful. Yes, it's scary because human nature causes us to think the worst, expect the worst, etc. And if we let our minds run rampant, we can pretty much have ourselves convinced that it can't possibly be anything [I]but[/I] the worst. But lower left pain is prime site for diverticulosis, which you say you have. That alone can cause bleeding, changes in bowel habits, bleeding can cause fatigue, etc. If you had never been tested before, then I would be a little worried right along with you. But fact is, you had a test 4 years ago; even if you had a polyp start growing the very next day, it would be [I]at least [/I]three years before it would start to change into cancer, most likely longer, and it would still not cause symptoms, especially the ones you're experiencing, for quite a long time after. It has to get to a big enough size to even [I]cause[/I] symptoms, and that usually doesn't happen in this space of time. I'm not saying it's not possible, but what I am saying is, I'm highly doubtful.
When a person is in your shoes and is scared, doesn't feel well, is a worrier, etc, you don't have the ability to look at your own situation as someone else can who's on the outside. You have yourself convinced you have colon cancer. I don't know of anyone on this board who would not be thinking the same thing in your shoes, even if common sense or simple logic tells them different. We could even have that wonderful voice of logic screaming in the back of our head, and we're still going to be so focused on that one thing that we simply can't see past it. Even if it doesn't make sense, we'll still think it. It's human nature to be this way, but this is when we need someone who isn't emotionally tied to us to look at what we're experiencing and say "hey, wait a minute". You've thought alot about your situation and you've said it yourself - what else could it be? Well, actually, several things.....or a combination of them. If you look online and research this, you will find that out of all the bowel problems that afflict people, most are [I]not[/I] cancer. And someone like you, with only 4 years since your last test? I'm just really, really doubtful.

You get your test at the end of the month, and you come back on here and tell us what they found. And from now until then, you write to us as often as you want or need to, ok?

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