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Re: What to eat
Oct 25, 2006

First, clear liquids or broth, means liquids ONLY. By broth, they mean a little jar of dried cubes that you buy in a grocery store and add to boiling water. The finished product is clear water with flavoring (chicken or beef). There are no solids (vegs, meat, etc or anything else) in it.

I agree the prep work is the worst. Your diets seems different from mine. I'm not allowed to eat food the day before my procedure, and must take a couple of bottles of Fleet drink (I truly hate this stuff) along with Docolax . I tend to get sick with the 2nd bottle, and am unable to keep it or anything else down for 24 hrs. While in the past I've been able to eat a big meal two days prior to my surgery, I've decided for my next colonoscopy, I will limit my diet the 2 day prior in hopes of avoiding the 2nd bottle of FLeet. My surgeon has already told me, when there is a yellow colored output, I am deemed clean.

Jello is good to eat during this time, while your stomach thinks it's getting solid foods, it really only getting water that is jelled. Just remember NO RED JELLO.

Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK with your colonoscopy.


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