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Hi, Gang.

Went to the 2nd op on surgery yesterday, nothing earthshatteringly different from what my surgeon recommends, but the 2nd op doc told me that he thinks I have 1 - 2 nodes possibly involved. He said he could be wrong, they could just be reactive, but you can imagine how I feel.

Now as you know, I have been told no nodes, altho w/ a T3 tumor, was also told that surgery was very likely to find nodes. Nevertheless, it threw me and I feel just terrible.

The 2nd op doc saw the CT scan, not the PET or the endorectal ultrasound.
He said the spots were very very small, in the pelvic area, and size may be why they did not pick them up ( altho they pcked up a 2mm spot on the liver and sent me for more testing, ruling out cancer).

As for my PET, the 2nd op doc only got the report and said that in it, it is noted that there is a "satellite nodule" very tiny that may be just a chunk of tumor or it may be a node. My reg dr never told me this.

The ultrasound found no nodes. Both my doc and the 2nd op doc said the ultrasound is by far the best at nodes, and even so, is only 70% accurate.

So I called my doc when I got home. He said they really didn't feel any nodes were on the CT scan, and the PETscan was ambivalent as to whether it was a piece of tumor or not, and they tend to think the ultrasound is the most accurate of all and that said no nodes.

He also said all along my treatment was planned with the notion that nodes would be found. Guys, I KNOW this, but it still shook me up.

He also said that he is more concerned with how I am responding to treatment versus the presence of a few nodes, as the response to treatment was probably more meaningful. He noted that my tumor has shrunk considerably, based on DRE - this is from 3 drs, my surgeon last week, and also two drs yesterday.

He said he expected to be victorius and all along nodes were likely to be found.

Its true, but still - fwoom, sweesh, I'm thrown !

All you stage 3ers, give me a shout out and lift me up some. I know so many of you thriving and doing so well.

By the way, he didn't recommend removing any additional organs, and also didn't think any addtl scans were needed as no one is trying to save a rectum here.

He also said that he thinks pathology depts understage cancer often -- gulp -- as it is hard to remove nodes from the fat they come in and examine them.

Thanks all --

Jeni the Freaked Out

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