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I am a 38 yo female. No history of Colon Cancer in the family.

I have had rectal bleeding off and on now for about 3 years. I do have external hemmorhoids.(I have had 4 children, 2 of which were twins) The external hemmorhoids are quite large. They generally do not bother me until I have had a few days of constipation.(which has been this past week since I am taking vitamoins with iron in them, and I have been eating a ton of bananas)

I never saw a doctor for this. I assume that the bleeding is caused my the hemmorhoids. I do not have any strange bowel habits, or pain or any of that.(actually I have a BM the same time every day) It scares me that I see blood in the toilet bowl though. Or on the toilet paper.

I never thought of colorectal cancer since this has been going on for about three years. When my hemorrhoids bleed(Or I assume that is what is going on) my rectal area is really sore for a day .

So my question is this. Since this bleeding has been going on for three years or so(maybe longer)...should I be worried that it may be cancer? I would have to assume(and maybe I am wrong) that if I had colorectal cancer, I would be having ALOT more symptoms in a three year period?? Cancer would have spread..etc.....

I do not have any health insurance. so I just can't go and get a colonosopy, I can't afford it. I do see my GYN for a yearly in December, Should I bring it up to him?? If nothing else, maybe he can offer suggestions on how to calm down painful hemmorhoids.

Thank you

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