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Has anyone ever had upper abdominal pain along with left side abdominal pain that radiates sometimes to the lower back and sometimes to the front lower abdomen? This is not everyday pain but very often for about three years. Also, sometimes when I have this pain my left side feels swollen, about where your elbow is if you put youíre hands down by your side. I have had constipation for about six years; I may poop once a week. And, abdominal pain on the left side for about three years. My GP knows and once prescribed Zelnorm I took it for about six months and it did nothing. Every time I bring up my belly problems my Dr. blames it on IBS and that I am only 36 and too young for anything bad to be wrong. And does this sound like colon cancer? Any comments appreciated or suggestions?

Also, I am pretty sure I have rectocele, thinning of the rectovaginal septum. Itís common in women who have had multiple vaginal births. I have had children but none vaginally so I am not sure how I got lucky with that one.

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