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I saw your latest post and am glad that some of my older posts are helpful.

A DRE and occult blood test CAN come back normal IF the benign (or not) condition is NOT acting up and bleeding during the exam. You definitely need at the VERY LEAST a Sigmoidoscopy... keep in mind though that this is done IN THE OFFICE, with no medication to relax you and only allows visualization of the rectum and sigmoid regions. If I were you, I would bite the bullet and go for the colonoscopy... it REALLY is NOT BAD...the part that is troublesome is the prep, which you have to do for the Sigmoid anyways. A colonoscopy is done by a GI PROFESSIONAL and allows for visualization of the entire large intestine. Keep in mind that an occult blood card comes back positive INTERMITTENTLY.

My advice, as you can probably tell is to go for the colonoscopy. ANY bleeding rectally is ABNORMAL until a valid diagnosis can be given. Often times it's difficult to tell whether the bleeding is coming from somewhere higher up. Chances are, you just have hemorrhoids... but as you can probably tell from my posts, that was assummed for me by my Internal Med doctor, and led a delay in diagnosis of the TRUE problem, and led to all sorts of problems now. SO, PLEASE, do yourself and your loved ones a favor and get a full colonoscopy. It really is better to have that peace of mind from a REALLY simple procedure.

I wish you the BEST OF LUCK.:)

Please don't hesitate to write back with ANY questions, I will be back home at the end of the week and will better access to my "normal computer" to write more,


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