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Hi...I'm going in to see my GP either later today or possibly tomorrow, but I just have some questions I'd like to ask you. :]

First off I'm 17. Yeah I know, probably don't have the big c, but anyway. I've been having bloody diarrhea/stool off and on for about a week now. Sometimes, there is just one or two big dark splotches on the stool itself and maybe a few drops in the toilet water. Once I had it with diarrhea and the water was red with blood, and the diarrhea itself was saturated in it. No pain with movements -- they are very quick, and accompanied by more flatulence than what is normal (doesn't smell much though). The blood ranges from bright to dark-ish red, but nothing black or maroon. I am now having BMs MUCH more frequently than what is normal for me --- before this started happening I had a BM about every other day. Was never constipated/had any problems passing stool. Have tried stopping the current meds (Prilosec) I am on and diet changes, to no avail. Now it's up to at least two extremely loose BMs a day, which are pale brown-ish/yellow-ish color. Today I have been having out and out diarrhea since I first got up, and many times I periodically feel like I have to pass a BM...and when I try to go, nothing happens. (EDIT: also, when the rectal bleeding first started, I was not in the process of haivng a BM at all and was certainly not straining).

Also, I am experiencing cramping sensations in my upper right quadrant just below my rib cage, upper left and lower left quadrants. When these began they only hurt when I pressed down -- a very sharp pain. Now they are hurting spontaneously, with the sharp pain (almost like cramping from gas) no matter what I am doing. My abdominal region seems to be making a ton of random rumbling/gurgling/bubbling noises/sensations not related to hunger. My appetite is almost completely diminished. I can eat like, maybe a handful of dry cereal or a cup of cocoa and feel full afterward.

Anyway, and I realize symptoms can be different for everyone, but what were your symptoms when you were first diagnosed with colon/rectum cancer? Does some of what I am experiencing sound familiar? I have also been pseudo-diagnosed with GERD, meaning no tests done, but my symptoms -- a tender stomach when palpitated, debilitating esophogeal spasms and regurgitation of partially digested food have not stopped, despite medication. (My GP was planning to do an upper GI because of this anyway). I am slightly worried, but more anxious/curious than anything to find out what this is. Most likely IBS...

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