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I've had two instances of bleeding before a diarrhea-like bm, and one in which I bled quite a bit [I]without[/I] a bm (no pain associated with it, you couldn't even see the bottom of the bowel, the water was so red). I've had occasional blood/mucus on my stool and weird bowel habits, including interrmittent left-sided pain and tenderness, (sometimes I feel like I need to rush to the toilet to have a bm, when apparently I don't) and some other things seem off, but I'm rather young. Although I'm scheduled to see a GI a bit later in the week, and my GP mentioned that she wanted me to get a colonoscopy.

I've been reading some posts here and I have to say, you guys are simply inspiring in how you fight your battles. :cool: Very, very awesome. I know I won't know for sure what's going on til I get a scope, but a lot of you seem to have a great deal of knowledge regarding this sort of thing, so I was wondering, just out of you know if hemorroids or polyps behave like this? I mean, can they bleed (bright to dark-ish red) without a bm? Do tumours bleed all the time? I can not see visible blood all the time, and the rectal bleeding without the bm was about a week or so ago. I have no family history of cancer that I know of, and am only 17. I've been asking similar questions about this around these boards since it first started happening, but I feel like something is really wrong...though hopefully I'm just being paranoid, lol. Thanks :]

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