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Yes actually. Not all the time, but on a few occasions my stools have been very pale. Sometimes almost gray. This could just be a reflection of what I'm eating though. And that's great that you're agressively pursuring a colonoscopy! You'd be surprised at how many people who were supposedly "too young" to have colon cancer actually had it, but had to really fight in order to get scoped, whether that meant getting a new doc or paying for a colonscopy themselves. At least if you get one, you'll know for sure what's going on, and you'll no longer be worrying so much. :)
Find another doctor. A colonoscopy is essential. I have a history of colon cancer in my family. The first question the doctor asked me when I went for my physical was if I noticed any blood in my stool. I go for a colonoscopy regularly. Every 5 years if there are no polyps. Once the doctor removed 2 polyps and I had to go back 3 years later for another colonoscopy. Colon cancer has a high rate of success if caught in the early stages. Cancer crosses all boundaries; young, old, black, white, etc. Granted, you may hear of it more often in the elderly but it does strike the young as well. After you have the test (and hopefully, it will be negative), at least you can put your mind at ease. Keep pressuring for the colonoscopy. Good Luck!:angel:

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