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I would just like to add some things here. I am a 29 year old female. Young you would say. I have had 8 surgeries. Yes count them 8. Anything from D&C's for miscarriages to colon resection. Yes I said colon resection. A colonoscopy is a MINOR procedure compared to what could happen and in my case did happen. I had no symptoms. NONE! No rectal bleeding, no discomfort, I do have IBS, but have had that since I was like 4 so there was no difference to me. The reason my doctor did my test was due to I had stomach issues. I was like you, stomach issues = colonoscopy??? What the heck. I thought it was a joke. I have no history of colon polyps in my family or history of colon cancer. I had no reason under the blue sky to undergo this test, but I decided what the heck. Guess what...I had polyps and just not some polyps ALOT of polyps. And amongst those adenomas, were 2 very large adenomas that were so big they could not be taken care of during that minor procedure. I had to opt at 29 (right after my birthday) to under go a right hemicolectomy. My choices were that or every 6 months a colonoscopy or possibly die from cancer within 5 years when they did turn. And they most definetly would have turned although my doctor could not assure me they were not already cancer in the middle of them or the bottom. At 29, with 2 kids both under the age of 4 and one with autism, I cannot afford to leave this world. My responsiblities to my family outweigh any discomfort from a test or surgery. And as far as money, the 1500 dollar test, the colon resection was 200,000 dollars. And most likely by 35 I would have been affected with colon cancer or dying from it had by not some miracle this test been done, even though I had no symptoms.
Although I respect your decision to not have this test done, please do not assume it is ridiculous to have it if you do not show any symptoms or for that matter are not over 50. My brother in law, who was 39 at the time, had to under go emergency surgery for colon cancer to remove a tumor. He never had any symptoms, well not until it was too late. He now has it in his lymph nodes and all of this could have been prevented had he maybe had a colonoscopy at 35. With anything in life, there are risks. If you walk out your front door to check your mail you might be hit by a car. If you drive your car down the street you could have a heartattack and hit someone and your surviving spouse be sued for something you could not avoid (this did happen in Tennessee). So my response is, you might opt out of this test because of all the dangers, but everything in life contains danger. Personally, if I can test for something that is easily preventable, I am going to. Even if it means I have to have loose bowel movements for one day. If the colon cancer or diabetes or many other ailments that affect me or might affect me don't kill me, I surely doubt the colonoscopy is going to.

Let me also add, my husband works with a woman who's son at 17 died with colon cancer. He had no symptoms or family history either, well not until it was too late.

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