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I really appreciate the responses. I made an appointment to see a gastroenterologist to discuss my symptoms. Only thing I know is that if he suggests anything going up my anus to explore, I'm going to just ask for a colonoscopy (since being awake and able to feel anything of that nature is one of my worst nightmares).

The problem with me is that I know all too well that the only thing that really matters is the end result. All the "plus/minus" talk and percentages used to reassure people...they're all meaningless if it turns out you have stage IV cancer (or any later stage cancer) and the end is likely near.

And with the percentages, they're so misleading it's not even funny. Yes, fewer than 1 percent of all those with colorectal cancer are under 35. But let's not forget that colon cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the United that still leaves quite a few people in that age group who have it.

Then there's the supposedly miniscule percentage of people in the 20-34 demographic who have it...but exactly how many people IN that demographic are there in the United States? I don't know the answer to this (I haven't been able to figure it out on google) but it chances the picture substantially. And of those, how many of them have experienced painless rectal bleeding in their 20's?

Now the chances are less miniscule.

And then I start looking at other explanations and what really scares me is that I can find more reasons to doubt that it's any of the alternate reasons than to doubt it's cancer. For example, fissures and hemorrhoids usually hurt. What's less likely, that it's painless bleeding from cancer, or painless bleeding from those two? I really don't know, but I suspect the probability is not nearly as slanted towards the former two as it is the latter once you reveal this crucial detail.

Then there's Crohn's disease and IBS. But just reading through the symptoms of those...I think I'd KNOW if those were possibilities considering how painful and debilitating they are. I do occasionally get diarrhea (and have since I was a kid...usually only lasts 1 day), but I'd suspect that's true of almost everyone. I think I'd feel significant irritation in some way if the bleeding were related to either of those two.

In general, I just think the total surprise at finding the blood is what scares me the most. The first time I'd ever noticed blood of any sort after a bowel movement (roughly two weeks prior to the blood-in-toilet-bowl incident), it wasn't THAT much of a shock because there was some tightness/mild burning/pain after having too many bowel movements in a short span of time. I figured I'd keep an eye on it but also figured it was probably nothing serious. It wasn't until this past Monday when it returned when I just didn't expect it that I freaked out...especially during BM #2 when I saw it IN the bowl for the first time...lined in mucous.

Wow, I write too much. :dizzy:

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