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Getting worried...
Mar 12, 2007
Ok so about 4 months ago i had noticed blood on my toilet paper after i made a bowel movement. it didnt happen again till about a week later then i went about 3 weeks without bleeding and all of a sudden i bled 3 days in a row. then i went up until last month without bleeding then all of a sudden i bled 7 days in a row! And ever since then i have had a wierd discomfort or wierd feeling. it almost feels as though i have to make a bowel movement all the time even if ive already made one. When im walking around i feel as if the inside of my rectum is swollen or something. its starting to creep me out but im scared to go to the doctor because if i end up having cancer or something i could have to get a colostomy and that terrifies me because i DO NOT want a colostomy. I know some colostomys are reversible but with my luck id end up with a perminant one. plus i hear that if u have colon cancer you have a 50 percent chance of surviving for 5 years! so either way if i had cancer id probably be dead before im 25. thats not really comforting to know :(

What do you guys think it is?

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