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Hi everyone, I haven't posted on these boards in a while. My wife was diagnosed June 2006 with rectal cancer. CT was done which showed a spot on her lung but the Oncologist agreed they were going to just watch that site. Cancer was removed from rectum with NO lymph node involvement on 13 nodes and the cancer did not exceed the rectal wall. They diagnosed her as stage IIA. 10 weeks of radiation then surgery, post operative 5FU with Ox. This month, iliostomy was reversed after 6 months of chemo. Prior to surgery, a week after she completed chemo she had a whole body Pet done. Results showed two small lesions about 1cm each on her bladder but the spot on her lung was gone..go figure. Follow up CT scan was done and confirmed no spot on the lung and now didn't show the spots on the bladder, even though the original radiologist was 100% sure it was cancer...yeah...
doctors are never wrong.

So...then they ordered another PET scan to make sure that the CT scan was right. Well, the next PET (which was done only 2 weeks later than the last CT) showed no bladder spots but now it is showing a 1-2cm spot on her liver. CEA levels dropped after cancer was removed and have not risen. So our surgeon sent it to a liver specialists who said he is 90% sure it is cancer. We are so frustrated and this doctor told us this is probably a metastisis from her rectal cancer even though she didn't have anything in the lymph nodes and no other scans have picked it up. My wife is a mess both emotionally and physically. This stuff is so draining. They want to do further testing. Is this typical craziness with everyone on this board. Please any advice you can give would be great as we are really worried.


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