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Minutemaid sorry to read about your medical problems , I have the same thing going on with me right now !!! bowl full of blood 4 different times , I did go to the Drs. and they did a rectal exam and they found blood there too i'm waiting to have test done at the hospital , Can you please fill me in as to what they found with you ,Thank you in advance !!!
you should never hesitate to check something like this out with a specialist and I would suggest having a colonoscopy. I had the same exact thing a couple years ago, and it turned out to be internal hemorrhoids. I still freak out when I see blood in the bowl but not as much as before. Because I now know what is causing it. The unknown can be more frightening.
Just get it checked out and then you know what you are dealing with. Usually red blood is caused by fissures or hemmorhoids (a doctor told me this) so i hope this relieves you a little bit.
But check it out.

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