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Hi, I can understand how you are feeling but there is lots of hope for your husband. If the cancer has spread just to the lymph nodes, it is stage 111. If it is in more than 4 lymph nodes, it is Stage 111C. Stage 1V is when the cancer has metastasized to another organ, usually the liver or lungs. My husband was diagnosed with Stage 111C (11 out of 18 lymph nodes involved) four years ago. He was 65 at the time and had some complications during surgery. In spite of that, he started chemo a month later and also had 5 weeks of radiotherapy. I believe radiotherapy is only given for rectal cancer, not colon cancer. His chemotherapy lasted for 8 months and he was able to work part time after 5 months of treatment. His course should have lasted 6 months but was spread out over a longer period of time because he had a difficult time towards the end of the radiotherapy.

Four years later, he is working full time and, apart from some residual problems from the surgery (frequent visits to the bathroom in the evenings) he feels great!

One thing to note too is that he was not given the most up to date chemotherapy meds available and yet has done so well. I hope this encourages you. It is really hard to see your husband going through this...I know, it used to break my heart, but it will get better. Make sure you look after yourself. I still consider myself my husband's caregiver, even though I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma last I am not sure who is looking after who!!

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