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You should get that checked out soon. Bleeding with every movement would indicate you need a colonoscopy. It can be numerous other things besides colon cancer like inflammatory bowel diseases. If you have a family history of colon cancer you should be screened. Not sure about the swollen glands.

I am 28 and lost my mother to colon cancer last year in May. She was 49 when she died; 46 when first diagnosed.

I had my first colonoscopy in January. Between May and January I experienced ALMOST ALL the symptoms you described in your post. At the time of my colonoscopy, I cried in the waiting room and cried some more in the exam room while being prepped for the procedure. I was 100 % CERTAIN that I had a colon cancer and that I was going to die.

My colonoscopy was "textbook-perfect". No signs of any polyps; no cancer; nothing at all. Coincidentally :p , I have not experienced any symptoms since.

I believe that --at least in my case-- the trauma of my mother's death along with the potential genetic predisposition toward colon cancer, led to some psychosomatic symptoms of an illness I do not have.

I believe I would still be in that scary place had I NOT HAD THE COLONOSCOPY. Yes, deciding to have it was tough. Scheduling it was tougher. Being in the waiting room knowing I might have a cancer that killed my mom was tougher still. IT WAS WELL WORTH IT. I don't think my mind could have been put at ease by anything other than a colonoscopy.

GET IT DONE, PLEASE! They likely will NOT find anything much abnormal and you'll be able to relax and enjoy being 24. I've been where you are now and I know what it's like being scared and exhausted with worry. In my case, it did not go away until I confronted it. When I did, I felt peaceful for the first time in months. I also felt I had "done right" by my mom...

I plan to repeat the screening every 5 years. Hereditary or not, I'll catch that colon cancer at the polyp stage and kick its butt!!!

DO the same, please! And let me know how good it felt to find out that your results were "unremarkable" :)

Take care,


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