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I agree with the advice given above. I wonder if your feelings are physical or emotional? or both? Everyone reacts to cancer and the treatment differently. I think sometimes after the elation one feels with the news that the treatment worked, there can be some depression or anxiety on thoughts of it coming back or just the reality of what you have been through.

My husband was dx nearly four years ago with Stage 111C rectal cancer and, apart of urgency which causes him stress sometimes, he is doing really well. However, he never really relaxes, always aware of the experience and I think it prevents him from really enjoying his recovery.

On the other hand, I was dx with Stage 1V Follicular Lymphoma last year. I am presently in remission but have been told it will come back at some point. However, I am elated! I am just enjoying the here and now, so happy to be feeling so well! I don't think about the future too much at all.

I say all this to show how differently we respond to life's challenges.

I agree that exercise might certainly helps me. I put on quite a lot of weight during and after treatment...just kept eating! Now, I have managed to lose most of it, with a sensible diet and exercise and feel a lot better for it.

Maybe meds will help you if your doctor considers that your feelings are a physical response and it is certainly worth trying. However, also nurture yourself emotionally and realize you have been through a tremendous challenge. I wish you the very best and hope you feel better soon.


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