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Hi, I am a 27 year old female with a hx of stage 1 melanoma 8 years ago. Since the end of March, I have had a dull or sometimes crampy, burning pain in my left upper quadrant, lower left ribcage area. Also burping and acid in throat feeling. Tried meds for reflux with no help from the pain only helped with heartburn. My dr ordered an abd ct. It showed a possible 11mm lesion in my liver-they were pretty sure it was just artifact in the picture but with my history I had to have a Pet scan to rule out recurrence of cancer. Had the head to toe pet scan done in early April and it was clean-with no uptake. Since then the pain comes and goes-it hasn't gotten worse either. Some days it feels worse than others. I have a hx of IBS for as long as I can remember-cramping, gassy, constipation, and sometimes loose stools. For the past week now I have been having loose stools or diarrhea a couple times a day. I am usually pretty constipated and very gassy. I have not eaten anything abnormal. The stool started off yellow and is now very dark brown and foul smelling. The problem is that I am 14 weeks pregnant now, so I can't get certain testing done. The only meds I take is a prenatal vitamin. Can anyone tell me if these are symptoms of colon cancer because I am so scared right now. Thanks so much in advance for your help.

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