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I hope your second opinion is with a major cancer center such as MD Anderson or Memorial Sloan Kettering for example.
It is important that her case be reviewed by a treatment team that includes a radiologist, oncological surgeon as well as an oncologist. Liver mets may be removable through surgery or by sir-spheres or radio-frequency ablation or chemo embolization. The same applies to lung mets. Don't look at old statistics. There are treatments in use today that didn't exist five years ago and are not yet reflected in the 5 year statistical figures. Make sure you bring all her scans, test reports, lab and pathology results to the meeting. If necessary, get a third opinion. It is also possible to have her case reviewed by forwarding these things to a major cancer center for review without actually going there.

Where is your mother's tumor?
Did she have it surgically removed prior to treatment?
Is it colon or rectal cancer?
Well, moderately or poorly differentiated?
Has it spread to distant lymph nodes or is it just in the regional nodes (Stage III includes spread to regional nodes and is curable with surgery and chemo in the majority of people).
If she has not had surgery are there any other co-existing medical conditions that would prohibit it?

Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions and have explanations repeated if you don't fully understand them. Not every oncologist is knowledgeable about every cutting edge treatment out there. You have to do research on-line through discussion groups like this one, or the colon listserv, or colon club, where there is a large amount of relevant up-to the minute information to be shared.


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