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Hi all,

I just found this message board. My dad needs some advice if any of you out there can help :) . Here is the rundown on his situation:

He had a tumor in his rectum, which he first had radiation treatment (3 appointments worth) to shrink, then the operation. During the operation the surgeon removed dad's whole rectum, but managed to save half the sphincter muscle. They gave him a temporary illeostomy, while he had 6 months of chemo, then 6 months to recover. He did really well. There was only one point in which he actually started to close up and had to have a colonoscopy to open him up again. He had his ileostomy reversed last July (06) and since then has had nothing but problems. His tailbone has pain (one of the areas radiation did penetrate). Usually the pain accompanied severe constipation as well.

The main problem is the acid. Dad has had a lot of burning acidic content in his stool. It causes a kind of diaper rash, and since he has no rectum, he is almost in a constant state of needing to go to the bathroom. Sometimes every 5 minutes. When you have acid everytime....I have heard him scream from pain in the bathroom at just the touch of toilet paper. He said it feels like he is sitting on glass shards when he sits down on the couch feeling this raw.

He started using a few anti-acid meds like Nexium etc...and they have helped, but it doesn't help longterm. He has too many bad days still compare to his good days. He can't return to work until this acid thing is under control as it seems to pop up whenever and he can be layed out on the couch for 2+ days when it happens! He has tried just about every topical cream etc you can think of. We know that this is internal though. The doctors don't seem to have any other suggestions.

Anyone else face this? Any suggestions?

(I don't have regular access, but I will get back in here within a week to see replies. I appreciate any help or suggestions!!)

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