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Pain following a BM
Jul 16, 2007
Before I make an appointment with a doctor I would like to possibly get a little heads up so I dont faint in the office.

I think I might have colon cancer or something.

Here are my symptoms-

- Waking up with some abdominal pain followed by diarrhea or constipation, pain is immidiately relieved once i have the BM.
- Yesterday and today I have had some bright red blood in my stool. (Today it was barely noticeable). These stools seem to be a dark brown in color though definitely NOT "black, tarry, and foul smelling."
- Sometimes I have pain AFTER making a BM. It seems like just bad gas. If I tap on my abdomin as if to burp a baby.. I burp..out of my bum lol (This has only happened 2-3 times, very rare)..Once the pain goes away, I notice I begin to burp an awful lot.

At first I was just kind of not paying attention to the ab pain because I assumed I may have just been constipated (hence the pain and it being relieved upon the BM) nothing to worry about, so I thought. But the blood is concerning it should be.

I think I may have colon cancer because once in awhile (again, rarely) my BMs are a bit thin. Like 1 inch-1 and a half inches across, normally I take huge craps.

Im a pretty "skinny" person already so Im not sure if id be able to spot a weight loss, I do not appear thinner, though. No fatigue, no weekness.

I am in my 20s

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