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Thanks :)

Yeah all drs who saw me were not concerned about it being cancer and said they think its something else (Like crohns or UC for instance). But I think their main reasoning was my age.

My symptoms do sound like IBS though and the 2nd dr said thats what she thinks it is as well (But that blood means something else is going on), i looove to eat, but im in shape. if i eat a late night meal after 10PM i wake up with tummy ache and a BM of either constipation or diarrhea. If i drink lotsa water and do not eat past like 9PM, im much better in the morning. pain in the morning is always relieved by the BM. the whole episode of blood one day (and the next day morning just a tad) was weird and also my stool was thin for the following 2 days (However, when i passed blood the stool was regular but my stomach hurt afterwards), so thats why I went to the doc right away thought it was cancer. (I looked up thin stool and everything said thats a symptom of cancer)

I know it -could- be cancer or a few other things. But the thought of just sitting here waiting for the GI to call for weeks while the cancer could be spreading is scary.

I think ill give them a ring on Monday and ask about getting a colonoscopy done instead of the sigmoid and try to find out how long this will take :angel:

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