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It is good to see you back, flygirl! I cannot believe what the oncologist is saying to you! No wonder you feel so confused!

Yes, we all know that stage 111 is considered advanced and that there may well be a recurrence, but there is no certainty of that happening. My husband was warned at the time of diagnosis that recurrence can happen and they did give some stats, which I cannot remember now, and choose not too because we are all individuals. Seeing as your husband shows no sign of mets or recurrence at this point, I do not see the need to remind you now that he may have a recurrence at some time!

Just to encourage you that my husband, then aged almost 65, was dx stage 111C rectal cancer four years ago. He had eight months of chemo with radiotherapy for five weeks. He had a really rough time. Since that time, he has had annual scans and regular CEA tests. We did have one scare three years ago, when some spots showed up on the liver but a PET scan showed no activity and the spots have remained the same. In the meantime, I have been dx with Stage 1V Follicular Lymphoma and I also have spots on my liver....I like to think it is because we are so attached to each other!!!!

We realize that he might still have a recurrence at some point of time (his CEA does wobble around a bit) but the longer he goes without a recurrence, the less likely it is that he will have one.

However, life has no certainties so we live day to day, week to week, scan to scan!! My lymphoma is not curable so I really do not want to look too far into the future.

I say all this to encourage you. I would be most upset if we had been told anything similar at a time when you would be celebrating clear scans. I hope the colonoscopy goes well. My husband still has urgency so it has affected our social life as well as cut out travel, but I am so grateful and happy he is still alive that those things do not bother me. You are both younger and I can understand how anxious this must make you feel. Enjoy each day and hopefully, life will improve gradually for you and your family.

Have you thought of changing oncologists? It is not that you want someone to hide facts from you, but it does help to have one who has a better bed side manner!!


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