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I had a colonoscopy a little less than 3 years ago. No polyps but a few hemorrhoids and diverticula. My doctor is cautious so he tells patients with no polyps to come back in 7 years rather than 10. A week ago, I -- I'm 59 by the way -- was on my treadmill for 50 minutes when I noticed some burning in my rectum. I got off and wiped myself and there was a small amount of red blood there. The burning continued for a couple of days but I stopped working out and the feeling disappeared. Of course the blood freaked me out and I made an appointment at my gastroenterologist's office. I saw the PA, who didn't want to look at anything ... kind of like, rectal bleeding? we'll see you at your colonoscopy! Which is OK because I know that the test is the only way to really tell what is going on. I saw her yesterday and have the test scheduled for Friday because I didn't want to wait and there was a cancellation.

Other info: Fecal occult test and stool sample test 7 months ago were negative, abdominal CT scan 2 years ago was normal (that was to check kidney cyst), pelvic, abdominal and transvaginal US were all normal about 1.5 years ago (for IBS diagnosis), blood work all normal.

So, what are the chances it's colon or rectal cancer? I have had no bleeding since, nothing in stool or in toilet bowl or with BM ... just the incidence after the exercise. I am very nervous about it!
West Coast Girl,
Your post REALLY helped me know I made the right decision. That was exactly what worried me ... that even though the odds were that it was irritation or hemorrhoids, the 1% possibility that it was cancer led to only one choice. Things do happen even though that type of cancer is slow growing and you've had a colonoscopy three or four years ago. I am glad as well that my doctor doesn't *****foot around and takes the aggressive approach.
I hope that your cancer is completely gone and that you are enjoying full health. If you don't mind me asking, was it just the blood that alerted you? Were there any other symptoms? Since I have had the bleeding now, I want to make sure that if there's a next time, I know what I might be dealing with.
Thanks again WCG!

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