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I am a 36 yr old male. I run about 30 miles a week and have no history of colon cancer in my family. I also have a history of anxiety and I have been medicated for anxiety but I am currently not taking anything. About a year and half ago I started noticing that my stools were coming in all shapes and sizes. In the same day I could have a pencil thin stool, a normal width stool that is very flat, and then a stool that is relatively normal in shape. The normal stools are not very often but they do occur. I have been to the doctor a couple of times for this and had at least 2 or 3 FOBT. The tests revealed no blood. The Dr said not to worry too much since I am relatively young and the shape of the stool is not constant. I do have frequent bloating, some constipation, and the occasional bought of diarrhea. I have had no weight loss and my running has not been impacted. With all this said, is it possible that I have a tumor that is impacting the shape of my stool and that I have had no other major symptoms even after a year and a half? I know with my anxiety I tend to jump to the worst case scenario. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


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