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The sedation that is used today is very light Versed and Propfanol - it is like a twilight sleep and you are fully awake as soon as the procedure is over - with no hangover or drugged aftereffects.

A colonoscopy is not like a PAP test because the scope has to go through the entire colon and that involves maneuvering around the bends from the rectum to the sigmoid to the transverse to the cecum. Also since the interior of the colon is kind of wrinkly, air is pumped in to be able to better visualize the entire inner colon surface. The combination of pumping in air and pressure rounding the bends can be uncomfortable for some people. It depends on your anxiety and pain tolerance level.

Another thing to consider is chemotherapy for colon cancer usually takes 6 months and is accompanied by various side effects. Your colonoscopy will take 1 day and remove any polyps before they have a chance to develop into tumors.

There is an alternative - a virtual colonoscopy - that is done without sedation using a CAT machine. However, the prep is the same - complete colon cleansing and air still must be pumped into the colon. If any polyps are discovered you will then have to do the prep all over again and go through a colonoscopy or operation to remove any polyps. In addition, most insurances will not pay for a virtual colonoscopy.

Please get scoped. I waited until age 56 before getting my first colonoscopy due to fear of the procedure, rationalized it, cause I had no symptoms - and was diagnosed with Stage III colon cancer. Who knows, had it been done at age 50 maybe it would have just been a benign polyp that needed removal. Don't join the woulda -coulda -shoulda- crowd that doesn't help with today's here and now - so schedule that colonoscopy!!!


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