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Hello. I was diagnosed 3 years ago, at 55 years old (female). A large mass & 9 polyps were removed during my first colonoscopy and I was informed a week later that it was indeed cancer. The margins were not acceptable according to the doctors, so I was strongly advised to have a resection and chemo. Every case is different, of course, but since everything was already removed before I really had the time to make an informed decision, I decided to refuse all treatment and continue aggressive monitoring with CT scans, PET scans, CEA and colonoscopies every few months. So far, I have been fine, although they have now removed 24 polyps. Like I said, every situation is unique, and I know that I have been extremely fortunate so far and I will have to continue testing every 3 months for many years. I was so devastated when I was diagnosed (as we all were), and I just wanted my husband to make the decision regarding treatment, because I was so confused and getting so many different options from the doctors. Finally, I realized that no one could make the choice for me, so I opted for no treatment. None of the doctors (or my family) has agreed with my choice, but I am now commited and won't change my mind unless I have a recurrence. I didn't mean to ramble on & on here ......... I just wanted you to know that there is someone else out here that has chosen no treatment. This board is the BEST, and I'm sure that you'll get more advice from several people that have been in the same situation you are in now. God bless you and I will add you to my prayers. :angel:

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