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I'm 36 (almost 37), and I just went to the doc today for rectal bleeding. There are bright red streaks of blood on some of my stools, blood (a little) in the toilet water once, and I am wiping a little red blood sometimes. I was afraid my GP wouldn't want to set up a colonoscopy for me, and that I would have to fight tooth and nail for it, but I didn't. She set one up w/o me even asking. She didn't do a rectal exam. She didn't look "back there" at all. Not sure if that's the norm or not...... She did ask me if I had had any black, tarry looking stools, and I told her no. And she did listen to my breathing, and she mashed around on my abdomen (I guess feeling for lumps), but she didn't find anything.

Now I wait for the GI doc's office to call me to schedule a time for colonoscopy. Not looking forward to it, but at least I'll know why I'm bleeding. Chances are, it's no big deal, but better to be safe than sorry.

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