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Hi Johnny:

My husband has been suffering from IBS since kindergarten. After years and years (40) of seeing numerous doctors he was diagnosed with IBS. He was instructed to take Konsyl every morning. Konsyl is like Metamucil. He takes one teaspoon mixed in juice every morning followed by a large glass of water.

It took a couple of weeks, without skipping any days to show results. It has changed his life for the better. It has been 15 years and he still takes his daily teaspoon of Konsyl. He does this even when on vacation.

I do not know whether you have IBS. With what the doctor said, I doubt you have colon cancer.

So why not try the Konsyl faithfully for one month? Konsyl is only about $14 at Walmart and the jar should last you about 4 months. Konsyl is 100% natural, so it cannot hurt you.

If you do not like that idea and you want to change the shape of your stool, start eating a lot of fiber. You will see a definite change if you eat a bowl of bran flakes every day and some fruit (apples and oranges). Doctors recommend men to eat 35 grams of fiber a day.

All of these ideas are healthy, so give one a try.

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