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I seem to have some symptoms that could be Irritable bowel syndrome, and Inflammatory bowel disease, or perhaps there's a chance it is colorectal cancer. If anyone would like to offer their opinions, I would appreciate it.

Back in December I started feeling kid of bloated, and I was constipated a lot. When I passed stools, they were very thin. The doctor said it was an inflamed intestine, and he gave me some Zegerid. For a few months after that I felt fine, then the symptoms came back. During the first time, I developed a low tolerance for alcohol and soda- drinking them made me very thirsty and made my throat dry up so much I felt like vomiting. The same thing happened again.

I quit drinking alcohol, and a few weeks ago I quit drinking caffeinated beverages in an attempt to wean myself off of soda completely. I have not had the dry mouth feeling since then, but in the two weeks and two days since, I have felt so tired that I feel as though I can fall asleep at any time.

I have always been a light sleeper who sleeps too much (more than I would like), and since then I have noticed I am sleeping less- almost as much as a normal person, but I am still tired a lot.

So the bloating symptoms have come back. I have noticed that now my stools are kind of flattened. Last night I had a movement that was not and was normal.

Signs for:

- My sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, despite being only 28.

- The bloating.

- The thin and narrow stools.

- the fatigue

So here's the signs against:

-My age. 28 year olds can get rectal cancer, but the odds are against it, still.

-I donate plasma. They stick your finger beforehand and run a protein level test (I know that is the least they check) and that and the donation process should turn up anemia. I asked that once. OF course, I'm not going to assume this is gospel, but it's logical.

- My flat or thin stools come and go, as do the bloating.

- The fatigue is severe caffeine withdrawal. People who know how much soda I drink are not surprised that the process is taking so long.

-no sign of blood in stool. I put in an extra light bulb in my bathroom so I can be sure. I guess if I can admit the following anywhere it would be here: I take an instrument to pull the stool to the surface (my toilet is rusted at teh bottom, so when a stool sinks I can't tell what it looks like). Occasionally, there are darker brown spots on regular brown, but I would think blood in the stool if there, would be more obvious that that, but feel free to correct me.

-the way caffeine and alcohol affects me seems to go more with IBS than CC.

-I may be tired a lot, but I don't feel weak.

-I most definitely have not lost weight.

I will see the doctor on Tuesday to get his opinion, but in the meantime, if anyone has anything to offer, I woul appreciate it.

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