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I am a 40 year old female.

I am scheduled for a GI appointment tomorrow and will most likely need to get a colonoscopy. But for now, maybe some of you can help?

1. I saw the GP about my rectal bleeding - she referred me to the GI. She did a digital exam and felt nothing. How common is it for the doc to not feel anything at your initial visit, but have it still be cancer?

2. I have had bleeding on and off for probably 9 months or so. It comes and goes, maybe once every 2 months? The bleeding is bright red and lasts for about 3 days and then just stops. It is a lot - enough so that it drips into the toilet and turns the whole toilet red and quite a bit of blood on the tissue (definitely not just streaking - looks like menstrual blood). A couple of times I had very small clots in it, too. Usually only happens upon or after straining of any kind. How common is it for bleeding to appear and then stop, only to reappear later? Or is it more likely to be consistent? No pain when this happens.

My symptoms:

the bleeding

slight cramping here and there (feels like mild menstrual cramps)

nausea before lunchtime - goes away when I eat

constipation on and off for years

diarrhea on and off for years - carry pepto in my purse at all times!
stomach cramps that may or may not be associated with diarrhea (again, on and off - seem to have more bowel issues than the normal person)

Stool seems to change in phases. Strange or normal? It will be like a week each time - sometimes very dark and small (I assume related to constipation?), sometimes thin and sticky and foul smelling (sorry to be graphic here), sometimes normal size and consistency. And again, sometimes diarrhea or very soft stools.

Please help - I am concerned!!! I know I shouldn't be researching this until I get tested, but any time any symptoms come up I am on my darn computer googling things!

Angry that it took me this long to call the doctor. Guess I didn't realize how serious it could potentially be.

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