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I will be having a colonoscopy in a month. I have been having problems with rectal bleeding, weightloss, and nausea after BM's. I went to a colon rectal surgeon that I saw 7 years ago who treated the hemorrhoids again last week. He strongly suggested that I get a colonoscopy done. My last one was done 7 years ago. I was told last year that I needed to do one when I turn 35 because my mom had a precancerous polyp removed when she was 45.

It looks like my dr threw a kink into my plan and I will be doing it next month. To be honest, my colon-rectal surgeon scared me when he told me that he has diagnosed colon cancer in people my age.

Anyways, the prep that he is giving me is 3 steps. I am doing a combination of 4 dulcolax tablets, then a bottle of Magnesium citrate, and later I take mirlax. He said that it will start early and hopefully be done early. How much cramping will I experience with this prep? The thought of taking this much stuff is nerve racking. I am very regular and never had problems with constipation.

When I did the colonoscopy 7 years ago, I didn't not remember it. I had a spinal procedure done under sedation last year and was crying and screaming off and on. I made it clear to the dr that I am concern about the sedation and he told me that if I wake up, he will stop and give me more medication. I am scared that I will be aware of it. I don't want to be in pain or even care about it. Will this be possible?

How bad will the cramping be. Any way to reduce it.


Did you have the same prep that I will be having and if so, did you have any cramps. I have heard and read horror stories about the dulcolax tablets, then a bottle of Magnesium citrate, and mirlax.

I am nervous about it. It is hard to deal with this on top of going to college.


I called and checked with the dr today. I had some concerns with the dulcolax. I took it years ago and was on the floor with cramps. They told me that I can skip the dulcolax if I have a very light diet a day before the prep starts and liquid liquid diet the day before the procedure. They apparently do these modifications all the time.


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