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Thanks for checking on me, Lavender. Everything went very well with my colonoscopy. The prep was not as bad as I had expected. I kept the Vaseline handy by the toilet per posted recommendations but fortunately I did not need it. I am glad I was only required to take Fleets phospho soda and not any suppositories or anything else.

The nursing staff at the doctor’s office was very helpful. They were extremely customer oriented and went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and relaxed before being wheeled in for the procedure. Once the medicine was administered it didn't take long before I was out cold. I do have a very vague memory of something poking or tugging at me during the procedure, but I was so heavily medicated that it was almost like one of those out of body experiences. Not a traumatic memory at all. Afterward the procedure I was still a little bit loopy and was told I was very talkative with the nursing staff. That is unusual for me as I am usually fairly shy and reserved. Kind of funny.

The doctor found internal hemorrhoids. That explains the bleeding. However, he found nothing else wrong inside. That is great news. Although a little bit strange at the same time. I thought from my symptoms (irregular bm, thin oddly shaped stool, cramping, gas, etc.) that he would have found some type of obstruction in my colon, like a polyp or worse. Good news it wasn't there, although now it is still a mystery. Like you say, something else seems to be going on. He wants me back to see him again in 5 years due to a family history of polyps that I have. I definitely will not be as nervous next time I have this done. It was really no big deal at all. The worse part was just being patient and scheduling time to be near the toilet for two days. Life is busy so that was hard for me to do. I have had some bloody stool again this morning, but I have heard that the whole prep thing can be rather hard on your insides. Hopefully that will subside.

The doctor did recommend that I take Metamucil twice a day for the rest of my life. Wow, that surprised me. I am 43 years old and do not feel like I have been constipated. I have been having 3 or 4 bms for the past 6 months. That is one of the reasons I went in to get checked out. I thought Metamucil was a laxative. Have you ever taken it before? I am just wondering what it will do for me. After drinking two bottles of Fleets I am leery of taking anything that will cause me to sprint to the bathroom.

Is today your follow up with the gastro? I hope they find a solution for your pain and discomfort. IBS is a tricky thing. I have known several others who believed they were plagued with it - but not 100% sure. It seems like a hard one to diagnose and an even harder one to treat. Best of luck to you. Let me know what he says. I am curious. Thanks again for asking about me.


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