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Jennifer, I hope you are feeling better. I didn't realize that you were in so much pain and discomfort from all of this. That sounds terrible, what you have been expreriencing. I feel bad for you. I seem to recall that I have read a couple of your posts where you have said that nuts and popcorn and other foods like that have caused you problems in this way. They must be types of food that you love to eat. If they are the cause of problems I hope you are able to avoid them in the future. It is tough to avoid certain food types during the holidays when they are always laying out before you to tempt and torment.

Well I have been trying Metamucil for two days now. It isn't the greatest tasting stuff but I want to try it for at at least a couple of weeks like the doctor recommends to see if I notice any improvement. Actually the taste isn't all that bad (orange flavor) but the texture is not good (almost like drinking saw dust mixed with water). If it works I will continue to take it as it would be well worth it.

Well, I was mainly curious to hear if you were feeling any better. I sure hope so. Best of luck avoiding popcorn and nuts during the holidays :-)

Lavender, have you tried your new prescription yet? I hope you are feeling better too. This is not a good time of year for you two to be feeling yucky. Take care!


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