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I am a 32 year old male who suffers from depression and hypochondria. So to put it in basic terms, any time something seems a little amiss with my body, I am suffering and dying from this or that. I have had stomach problems for years and it has all been due to stress. I have had some basic tests, digital rectals, seen the specialists and been told there is nothing wrong. Had occasional blood while wiping after a bowel movement. Never mentioned it to the docs, but all tests that were run to find out my stomach discomfort came back negative and the docs didn't need to send me for further testing. All blood work has come back fine as well. The past day or two I have seen a little blood. Nothing in or on the stool but little drops in the bowl. I also did one of the EZ DETECT test to test for blood in stool and came back negative for both of the tests I used. That is also a condition of my depression. I tend to obsess and act compulsively. So after doing the test the first day, I ran out and spent money on another test only to have it be negative as well. To be honest though, I was dealing with tremendous stress and have used the bathroom 15 or so times in 2 days. Saw a little blood in the toilet during my first bowel movement of each day but nothing after it. Same thing with wiping. Blood during the first movement and none after. I am trying not to panic, but I suffer from hypochondria. I figure it is a hemorrhoid. I get a little itching after a bit and the blood goes away after 2 days or so. I do sometimes strain while I go and try to empty myself completely because I do not like to have to go while I am not home. So I do force myself to go as well. Does this sound like a hemorrhoid? I don't want to be running to the doctor and feeding into my hypochondria and obsession. I know that no one here is a doctor, but a little soothing advice is what I could use. Thanks for reading and hopefully responding. Happy Holidays to all!

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