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Frustrated and sick
Dec 26, 2007
Sorry this is long :(

I've never posted on this board, but on the digestive/bowel boards lots. My husband keeps suggesting to me it's cancer and my doctors will say out of the blue "well I don't think it's cancer" and I have never suggested to them that it is.. however I am now getting concerned.

Two years ago I had a 6 month bout of pain/cramping, mucus, blood in stools, joint aches etc. It only lasted 6 months because at that point the gastro I was seeing said he would treat it as Crohn's because there was some inflammation seen during a colonoscopy/endoscopy (polyps in esophagus removed/benign). I took Entocort (steroid), an antibiotic and Asacol for a month and got better.. for an entire year.

I started getting all symptoms again but instead of testing we just started up the treatment and I'd get better. I did this about 4 times before the treatment no longer worked and I've been feeling bad for 3 months now.

I am 37 yr old who is typically in perfect health and I am extremely active/busy (own a business and have 3 children and 3 step-children). Believe me the last thing I want to be doing is seeing doctors OR feeling bed ridden with stomach pain. I am osteopenic and have known about that for about 5 yrs. It's not new and it's not getting better or worse. I don't treat it other than exercise and calcium.

I had a CT scan which showed small abnormalities on the top left and right nodes of my liver "probably benign" and that my uterus was enlarged. This was read as "all normal" and they aren't concerned about either. My GP would like someone to investigate with an ultrasound, but we haven't gotten there yet.

I had a HIDA scan which showed my gallbladder as non-functioning (0%). I was actually thrilled thinking this was all my gallbladder. They took it out the next week (a month ago) and I am still not well. My surgeon referred me to another gastro, whom last week gave me a small bowel series. Turned up normal, except a slow down on the lower left side. Blood work is OK although white blood cells are slightly elevated. I am scheduled for another colonoscopy end of January. I have NO markers for Crohn's so they are saying it is not that.

I've been taking benefiber 3x/day, miralax 1x every other day and Levbid 2x day. I drink water constantly. I was taking pain pills but I haven't been the last two weeks because I was worried they might be making things worse.

My symptoms:
constant pressure, I feel like I have to have a bowel movement all the time, even after I have one. I never have a large amount of stool pass, just a little at a time. It is formed and small.
Lower abdominal pain and cramping.. lately it's now spreading into my back.
Sometimes, not always, stools are covered in mucus and sometimes the mucus has blood. I had severe rectal bleed 5 months ago, with no pain and the gastro did not investigate. he told me to come back if the pain returned. It was bright red blood after a bowel movement (pain free) and filled the toilet/tissue paper, etc.
Lots of times my stools are very pale, like a very light coffee color.

I've lost 30 lbs in a month... and I'm still losing.

It took me four days to pass the barium from the small bowel series. I had two small stools (separately) 2 days after (white from barium) and then not again until the 4th day. I went about 6 times, each a handful of cat's eye marble size white stools. I did notice one stool has a ribbon of dark red through out. Not sure if this was food or blood. Today is day 5, so I may still be passing barium but won't know until I go!

My concern:
Could something have been missed on my 1st colonoscopy two years ago? My grandfather had colon cancer (grapefruit size tumor) but none of his children have had any problems. My grandmother (other side) died of liver cancer, again no one else has had any problems.
My 1st colonoscopy was done in a clinic by my gastro doctor. I wonder if the steroids would have suppressed anything that would have been missed? I don't have a CLUE how any of it works but at the point where I am investigating EVERYTHING, I just need to be well. I can't leave it up to the doctors to shrug at me anymore.

I feel silly even posting on this board, but again I feel like I have to investigate everything. What are the chances this was missed 2 yrs ago?

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