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Monkey, what does worry get you besides more grief? Relax, take the test and then weigh and assess.

The Colonoscopy? Piece of cake. What to expect?

Dependent upon the doctor, two days of prep. Drink some salty stuff, poop a lot and drink clear liquids. No big deal. Then go to the procedure.

They will call you in, hook up an iv and put you on a guerney. Relax, just a little nap for a very short while. Most people don't feel a thing. You'll probably wake up in the room, they'll move you to a place to rest while the anesthesia wears off. The doctor will tell you the preliminary results.

If there is a polyp and it is on a stem and can be removed, it will be removed. It will be biopsied and may take a few days to get results. You may be a little sore where it was removed for a few days. Just eat soft food. If nothing is found, then you will be told when to come back again.

Its an amazing procedure and virtually painless because of anesthesia. You may be a bit sore for a week or so following, dependent upon your colon, but nothing really miserable. Just a minor inconvenience.

And if they do find something, feel blessed they found it because with today's medical technology, colon cancer is something that is quite treatable.

So, no need to worry until after you have the colonoscopy. Just enjoy your days....that's what life is all about.

Me? I am just going one day at a time, considering it something that I haven't experienced before. Am scheduled for a subtotal resection on Friday for colon cancer and after researching it, have no fears, whatsoever....only thankful the procedures exist today that didn't exist in the past.

So relax and try to find a lot to appreciate and laugh about. There is so much of it in our lives.

[QUOTE=monkey5;3369620]Hey members i am having a Colonoscopy on the 8th very scared. Just went to GI dr. this am. It says somewhere that they would do this if they suspected colon cancer, how worried should i be? Any support please!
Love, Monkey[/QUOTE]

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