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Hi everyone,im new here but have been reading the posts and the people r so nice and caring.So here is my situation.Im 54 year old female and about 2 years ago started to have rectal bleeding bright red.That would go on for about 2 weeks.When to see my gp and she said must be hemhoroids no biggie and dismissed me so i forgot about it.Then it started again with alot of mucous so she sent me to a gatroeantrologist who perfomed a colonoscopy in may 2007 and said all was fine .Asked him about the bleeding and he said maybe hemorhoids again but never referred me to anyone.Had a double contrast barium enema in September since the bleeding was still going on and the report said polyp or mass of 2cm at the cecum.She referred me to a general surgeon who did another colonoscopy in october and he found to very small pre-cancerous polyps which he removed and said the cecum was clear.Well since this last colonoscopy i have lost about 15 pounds and have been having bad nausua for about 1 and half months with bad pain in my abdomen mostly on the right side.still alot of mucus with or without bm ,narrow stools with dhiarea and rectal bleeding.Was able to see another gastroantrologist in dec 2007 and he says he has to do another colonoscopy.Still waiting for hospital to call me.I have gad and this is driving me crazy.Someone please help.
Thank you so much

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