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I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis...not an easy one to accept initially! Your doctor is right in saying that it is only when he goes in that he will be able to say for sure what stage it is and if you will need chemotherapy.

Be encouraged though that, even if you do need more treatment, it is doable. It will take a few months out of your life and things may never be quite the same again, but you will be able to resume your life, even if it is with a new "normal"

My husband was dx nearly five years ago with stage 111C rectal cancer and went through a rough time. He was 65 at the time. Today, he works full time and feels well. The new norm is more frequent visits to the bathroom, which cuts out travel for us, and regular check ups, which can be a bit anxiety provoking. As I also have cancer (lymphoma) we are both dealing with the stress that comes following a diagnosis of cancer but we deal with it on a day to day basis and are grateful for life.

Do keep us updated and ask any more questions you might have. If we can answer we will and,if we cannot, we can at least encourage and support you.


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