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You are being very wise in asking how early you should be checked for colon cancer, particularly as it runs in your family. Many doctors would say you are too young to get it, but these days, we find many young people are getting colon cancer. If it is caught early, it is SO treatable and curable, so it is worth taking any tests necessary to make sure you have no early signs. The test really is not bad at all, so do not be discouraged by that thought.

Have you spoken to your doctor about this? I would advise you to do that.
I was unaware that colon cancer was in my family until after I was dx with rectal cancer at 46. My grandmother and many aunts had colon cancer.

I went for genetic testing and it turns out I had a gene that ran in my family that was causing all the cancers.

My daughter was 23 and my son was 27 and both were tested for the gene and had colonoscopies. Thankfully I had not passed on the gene. If I had then they would have to be tested every 2 years from then on.

If you have cancer in the family no age is too young to be tested. Maybe gene testing may be something you should look into.

See a doctor and give him a complete family history. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Please realize that perfectly healthy, fit, young people are diagnosed with cancer every day. Don't feel by following a healthy lifestyle you will be immune. A healthy person will probably have a much better chance at beating the disease but there are no guarantees. Family history really doesn't play a big part for most cancers as more and more cancers are coming "out of nowhere". But it is good to know what sort of health problems seem to be prevalent in your family. Most importantly, know your body and if anything feels "off" get it checked out.

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