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I know its easier said than done not to worry, but honestly it will do no good.

Just about everyone I have met personally, has had complications from this surgery. I am just making you aware of the fact, the recovery for colon resections are hard on people. Even on your other post, that person remarked they had abscesses after resection, and it seems just about everyone I know did. This surgery caused me to become malnourished, dehydrated, infected, and down right run down which is why it took me so long to recover from it. Is your mother having a colostemy bag put in (even if temporary)? How much of the colon is being removed? I would not rush into this surgery without weighing my options or even getting a second opinion. The larger polyp will not turn over night. I did the surgery because I was still young and I had two very small children at the time to think about and when presented in the future with it again (if that comes to pass) I will have to play it by ear. I was given the option of watching the polyps by doing a colonoscopy every 6 months to detail what it was doing. If I am much older and my children have made their own independent lives, I will probably opt for this selection instead.

The questions your mother asked can be answered here. First, the type of polyp she listed is a pre-cancerous polyp. Which means its the type doctors classify as being able to turn cancerous. The second on the laser, is the fact the colon cannot be resectioned by parts due to its blood supply. It must be done in anatomical sections such as ascending, descending, transverse, etc. If it was able to be burned out/cut out seperately then that would have been done during the colonoscopy. When they get to a much larger size that pretty much means this option is null.

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