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I have done 4 or 5 colon preps now including the one for my colon resection. I have done the gallon of GoLytely, Fleets Phospha Soda, Magnesium Citrate, and the 32 Osmo Pill Prep. If you have decided to do the surgery, and the doctor will not give you a choice on prep (which I think is rude, stupid, and insane) then these are your choices:

1. The above poster listed a general colon cleansing of 3 Tablespoons at a time of Fleet's Phospha Soda with liquid. (This seems like a good prep)

2. I did for my colon resection one whole 1.5 fl. oz bottle of Fleet's Phospha Soda in one 8 oz. glass of Gingerale.

This should be easier on her stomach. Its less non-dissolvable salts to irritate her stomach. I would suggest chilling it first then adding it to liquid. The most important part of a prep is the amount of liquid you intake. The salts are made to flush your colon by taking in more liquid, thus you must drink that liquid so it is available. Take the 2 Ducolax in the morning first thing and would even suggest having a 2 day light meal before hand. Two days before eatly lightly, then the day before the regular colonoscopy diet. I literally evacuated water. And when I say water I mean it was clear like water out of a faucet when I followed this and did the number 2 route.

Some things you should know: 1. In studies it is suggested that colon preps before surgery to the large colon do not show any reduction in causing less bacteria or ability to receive an infection. So if her colon is not super clean (like for the colonoscopy) its not earth moving and it is not a reason to cancel surgery. Some doctors do not even require colon preps before resection. 2. Although I liked the 32 Osmo Pill Prep, it took a long time to kick in and did not clean me out as throughly as the other preps did. I took all pills on time and drank a case of Dasani water and on the pictures the next day from the colonscopy, I could tell the difference in those and previous yearly exams. So, to me in closing (and yes this is long) I really do think the best colon prep is over the counter Fleet's Phospha Soda and 2 Ducolax. The others ended me up sick as a dog, with a migraine, and when I couldn't finish the solutions, my husband had to assist me with enemas. Highly unpleasant~

Good Luck to your mother. I hope she makes it through with a fast, comfortable recovery.

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